What is the purpose of this website?

Primarily, to enable film photographers to plot their approximate location on "The Film Photographers Map"; a dynamic Google Map overlay where registered users can record their position on a worldwide map, to generate a "heat map" of sorts that shows the collections of film photographers across the world to other members. Secondary, to help like-minded film photographers to connect with each other, either globally or locally via private messages, e-mails and status updates. Like a dedicated Facebook Group just for film photographers; everyone here is here for one reason - their love of film photography.

How do I access the map?

Only registered members can access the map. Unregistered visitors need to register an account to access the map.

How do I register?

By clicking the button to register HERE and choosing a username, suitable password, profile information and using a valid e-mail address to which and activation code will be issued. You must also ensure you enter a valid location in the location field otherwise you will not be plotted on the map.

How do I login? 

Click here to login if you already have an account, or you can use the login form on the homepage.

I entered my location during registration but there is no pin on the map representing my location

Sometimes, when typing onto the location field, Google Maps will show similar values. Be sure to choose the right one, or choose the next nearest if the first value is "unplottable". For example, as you can see below, it will list "London, UK" and "City of London, London, UK". The first may not work, whereas the second might, and visa versa. Both values are the same in essence. So try editing your profile and switching. Sometimes, just re-entering the location and updating the profile will work. Also, some web browser try to auto-complete this field from your web browsing history. That will not be valid. If it doesn't  work after re-inputting, use the contact form to contact me and I will try to manually force it to update.

How do I search for film photographers near me? 

After logging in, click on the "Members Area" menu option and then click the drop down menu 'Members'. Here you can expand the search button and use the search fields.

How do I interact with other users of the site?

After logging in, click the link uppermost top right and there's a variety of user based options such as Activity, View Profile, Friends, Messages etc. This is where you can catch up with messages you may have received, friend requests etc. You can create groups, edit your profile, edit your privacy settings etc. By default, logged in members can see most of what you have in your profile. Users who are not logged in cannot. Think of this site like a Facebook Group except we have the advantage of a global map so we can see where well are.


If you click 'Profile --> View', you will then be taken to your dashboard as seen below:

Can I add photos and create albums?

Yes, and better yet, you can post activity updates with a picture that shows on your activity timeline, just like with Facebook. Using the Profile menu again (top right), there is a "Media" option, where you can do just that. Or, click on your "Activity" tab, start typing and an "Add Media" button appears where you can navigate to a picture. You specify whether to make it visible to "public" (all members who are logged in, default), your friends, or private by using the drop down menu. By default, it is public.

How do I interact with other users of the site?

To connect with members yourself, go to the menu 'Members Area', choose the drop down menu 'User Activity' and recently active members will be listed. If you click the name of a user, you can send them a friend request or a message. You can also send them a message, be it private or public. If public, all logged in members will see it in the activity stream.

How do I arrange a photowalk or some kind of gathering?

This is achieved using 'Groups' (or of course private messages between your friends). After logging in, go to "Members" menu and click the "Groups" sub-menu. From there you can see public groups, or groups for which you have been invited. Or you can create a new group and fill out the 5 steps, inviting participants in step 2. See screenshot below.

Can other members see my profile settings?

By default, most fields are accessible to "All members", which means public. Think of this site like a large Facebook Group. We are all here for our love of film photography afterall so it is unlikely anyone will be sharing their darkest secrets! But users can choose to lift or lower the restrictions by clicking the profile link at the uppermost top right of the page. From there click 'Settings --> General', then find the tab that says 'Profile Visibility', and change the drop down menus as required, as seen below. That said, users are encouraged to not enter any private data that might compromise them, their property, or anything else. So we advise against plotting their exact house address on the map; keep it to street name and city, or just city, or district within a city. Same goes for any other sensitive data.


I think this website totally sucks and I can list a dozen reasons where it could be better. What should I do? 

Not use it, would be one response.

Another would be to ask for your understanding in the fact that this site is built from a mix of both free open-source technologies and also some commercial plugins and features which I paid for. In both instances, customising them beyond how they have been customised so far for use on this platform is often not easy or possible. It could take time or additional expertise. So ultimately, unless it is something fairly simple to resolve, my answer would remain : don't use it. However, if you have a constructive observation to make to help improve the site for its members, then by all means contact me using the contact page. But notes like "Its rubbish that it does this" and "why on Earth is it like that" will likely fall on deaf ears.

I think the site is so great and I'd like to help ease the financial burden. How can I help? 

There is a donation system at Ko-Fi.com. Click the button below and donations are thankfully received.