Recommended Retailers for Photographic Film

This page is to list a handful of really good UK photographic film retailers from the UK. Many ship abroad. The list is provided for information based on experience as a consumer. This list is provided for convenience and none of the retailers have asked to be listed. I am happy to add it, and make it international if reliable recommendations come in from elsewhere. Feel free to contact me with details and I will add to the page. 

Analogue Wonderland : Great business,run by some great people who really have the film photography community at heart. As far as I know, they are entirely film orientated, with a little bit of merchandise thrown in (t-shirts and so on). They have, I would suggest, THE BIGGEST range of film stock of any UK retailer. From the usual big players like Kodak, Fujifilm and Ilford, but also many of the less mainstream but very interesting and growing manufacturers like the Film Photography Project, Cosmo, Cinestill, ADOX, Washi, Rollei and so on. If you love film, and you love a variety of films, these are the guys for you.

FirstCall Photographic : Offering a myriad of supplies for all photographers, analogue and digital alike, but these guys have a splendid array of supplies for film photographers too. Film and development tanks and so on. Also highly recommended.

AG Photographic : Birmingham based, with rapid P&P service (typically next day) and a form of loyalty reward scheme where, for every order, you accumulate pennies in your account that can be used later when you are less financially flush! They don't have the enormous range of film stocks as the other two retailers, but they always have a good stock of the most common consumer and professional grade films that I use such a Kodak Portra, Ektachrome, Tri-X 400, Fuji Velvia, Fuji Provia, and so on. I can highly recommend them.

FFordes : These guys are heavy hitters in the sale of both new and used equipment, analogue and digital, and they also sell film at reflective industry prices of most places give or take £1 or two. I buy almost all of my equipment from them, which I admit is not very often because I am not really an equipment guy. But when I do need a new lens or an A12 back or anything like that, I tend to use Ffordes. Great service and trustworthy returns policy (I had to return something once - they honored it and sent me a replacement without any drama; the need to return something was no reflection on them - the second hand 30 year old lens I had bought had an issue that would have been difficult to spot).

Wex Photographic (formerly Calumet) : Certainly not on the "small business" scale, and typically used by serious digital professionals of course. But to their credit, they do have a dedicated film and darkroom section, and I have ordered film from them a lot in the past, too.